Cruise ships to return to QLD waters as demand skyrockets

CRUISE ships could return to Queensland waters within months amid a huge surge in demand for travel off our coast.

The multi-billion dollar industry was brought to its knees during the pandemic, widely blamed for helping to transmit the virus worldwide, including here in Australia with the Ruby Princess.

Now, the world’s biggest cruise line, Carnival, is looking at taking bookings for cruises out of Sydney to Brisbane and further north as early as late April, despite the recent outbreak in NSW.


The move could provide a much needed $17 million boost to the Queensland economy.

It’s understood all passengers and crew would need to undergo mandatory COVID-19 testing before they embark to ensure no outbreaks of the virus on board.

On-board medical centres and staggered check-ins are among other measures being considered by cruise lines to help safeguard their vessels in the future.

It comes as Australia’s biggest airline gets ready to re-start international travel in a matter of months.

Qantas announced on Tuesday it was selling seats to the US and UK from July, despite the federal government’s travel ban remaining in place.

The airline’s boss, Alan Joyce, has previously said passengers would be required to be vaccinated for COVID-19 if they wished to travel internationally with the airline.

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The cruise industry have not yet proven they can rid their ships of existing Covid infections. Passengers on the Ruby Princess May have boarded without being infected but then became infected by the international crew members, Covid on hand rails and elevator b***ons, or even off drapes and bedding. No Carnival ships appear to have gone through the deep cleansing necessary to eradicate Covid from its vessels. It is now also known that a major source of Covid spread is through ventilation systems in hospitals and on planes and ships. Carnival has not replaced or upgraded its ventilation systems where air is circulated through multiple cabins. The cruise industry can’t even permanently rid their ships of gastric infections such as norovirus once they have infected a ship. This appears to be PR spin and a way to generate much needed cash flow from passenger deposits. Most cruise co’s have not returned deposits or full ticket payments from cruises cancelled in 2020. They are holding passengers’ money for ‘onboard’ credits on future cruise bookings or towards future cruise trips even if passengers do not want to cruise again. ps no Travel Insurance Co. will ever again insure passengers for Covid medical expenses incurred on a cruise ship.

Last edited 4 months ago by Dr Steven Gration

I suggest you follow some blogs, in particular Royal Caribbeans official blog as they have been successfully cruising out of Singapore with extremely strict protocols in place for the last 2 months.
The Cruise lines are unable to enter or leave port without permission from the local port authorities and customs – Princess was not to blame for the Ruby Princess fiasco.

If you want the truth rather than cruise company PR spin do a search on ‘Global Cruise Activist Network’ and ‘’. All the ‘test’ cruise trips out of USA, and trips in the Caribbean and Mediterranean have returned early due to positive tests for Covid in both crew, USA ‘test’ passengers and paying passengers on a number of different cruise lines that attempted to start cruising again late in 2020.