Crushed glass and car bumpers used to make Gold Coast roads

Council has potentially found a new way to reduce landfill, by putting recycled glass, tyres and plastic into our roads.

Various Gold Coast roads have already been constructed with crumbed rubber, recycled from old tyres, which have so far been successful.

Though this new, city-first trial sees crushed glass and plastic recycled from car bumper bars put into roads.


A 410-metre long stretch of KP McGrath Drive in Elanora is the first to trial these recycled materials.

The crushed glass makes up the lower layer of the road, while the plastic car bumpers make up the upper layer.

Not only does the initiative rescue materials that were otherwise destined for landfill, it reduces the amount of new materials needed to construct roads by as much as 25 percent.

Acting Mayor Donna Gates says it’s all part of Council’s plan to reduce waste.

“We want to recycle, we want to be responsible, we’re using glass, plastic and rubber in the road base that stops the need to buy sand and asphalt.

“The trial will indicate a long lasting road – we hope – and a much improved price,” Ms Gates said.