Crusie Ship Terminal: Breaking through the plateau

THE cruise ship terminal is in the news again and as a result, the for-and-against debate is back on. There is a new urgency to the arguments, however, with a timeline revealed recently that could see the first cruise ships docking in time for the Commonwealth Games.

I feel like I have whiplash trying to keep up with all the verbal sparring and I definitely have a headache from trying to determine the validity of each new scientific report that is revealed and argument presented.

At heart, I’m a simple, small-town girl. Fancy restaurants, big name brands and cruises hold no interest for me. Give me the beach and a book and I’m good for the weekend.


During the week, however, I’m busting my butt trying to make a living. My ideal clients are on-trend women – particularly tourists – with a big entertainment budget.

It is ironic that something I am against personally will most likely profit me professionally.

And there in lies the conflict.

I’m thinking many Gold Coasters can relate. The majority of us moved here to get away from the frantic pace of city life in the southern states. I know when I moved here 30 years ago, the Gold Coast was a much different place. But then again, it wasn’t.

Maybe it is the old frog in the boiling water situation but because the change has been gradual, I’ve adapted as time has gone along. There are still plenty of ways to enjoy the reasons I moved to the Coast all while benefitting from the growing opportunities created by new development.

I’m believing it will be the same way with the cruise ship terminal. Saying no to it is basically saying we are content to plateau and if that is the case we might as well set up shop as a museum right now!

Gold Coasters have struggled in recent years. More and more of our families are relying on FIFO jobs. Many of us commute to Brisbane due to the lack of industry down here and too many of us are struggling with small businesses that we are trying to keep afloat.

The projected increase in revenue to our city through tourism and job creation as a result of this cruise ship terminal is pretty significant. What else can give our town a cash injection of this nature in such a short time frame and get us back on the map again?

I’m all for proceeding with caution but PROCEED really needs to be the key word here.

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