Cull or Keep? The wardrobe dilemma every fashionista faces in Spring

If you are anything like me, spring cleaning your wardrobe is the HARDEST. THING. EVER!

‘Do I throw out that pair of bright pink floral pants my boyfriend hates? Well I have only worn them once….. but florals are so on trend this season?’

‘That blush and blue fringed dress has been sitting unworn for more than 3 years, so maybe I should toss it? But I bought it when I was living in London and someone will surely throw a 1920s bash and I’ll need it?’


This is the internal dialogue battle I face every single spring when I open my severely jam-packed wardrobe to do a clean out. In the end, I pretty much keep everything, much to the dismay of my on-the-verge-of-breaking wardrobe rails.

This year, I decided enough was enough and enlisted the help of the experts to do the culling for me.

On Thursday, I headed to Marina Mirage to take part in a live fashion event called Cull or Keep. Stylist Elizabeth McMahon, alongside Marina Mirage fashion designers Helen Grant and Anthony Leigh-Dower, looked over five garments from my wardrobe before sharing advice on whether I should, you guessed it, cull or keep it!

Let’s just say – they did not hold back!

First up the trio analysed the outfit I was wearing – a LBJ (Little Black Jumpsuit) from Zara – which luckily got the tick of approval. They provided some advice on how to dress it up for a night out, handing me a sheer black jacket to pop on over the top.

Cull or Keep Marina Mirage

PHOTO: Supplied by Marina Mirage

But then, things got interesting!

A gorgeous watermelon lace frock that I thought would be a winner was given the flick by Helen! I was devastated, but she proceeded to tell me that while lace is in this season, the length and the cut of the dress was not on trend. Bye, Bye Dress.

Cull or Keep Marina Mirage

PHOTO: Supplied by Marina Mirage

The bright pink floral pants that my boyfriend hates were surprisingly a huge hit, with all three judges telling me to keep them! I must have looked shocked at that decision, and so, was given some advice on how I could style them for a variety of occasions which I am definitely going to try.

My blush and blue flapper dress left the trio divided, with one telling me to cull and the others telling me to keep! Helen suggested teaming it with leather leggings and a jacket for a cool night time look.

Cull or Keep Marina Mirage

PHOTO: Supplied by Marina Mirage

The remaining two items – a playsuit and a ruffled skirt – were both given the tick of approval by the judges.

While only one of my items was culled at the event itself, Elizabeth, Helen and Anthony gave me some great advice on what items I should ditch from my wardrobe this season.

And so, this long weekend, it’s time to clean out my wardrobe with the help of my new found knowledge. Wish me luck!