Cunning phone thief caught on camera, do you recognise him?

THE MANAGER of a health food store on the Gold Coast has released CCTV footage of a man who cunningly walked into their store, snatched an employees mobile phone, and walked back out.

Amanda Crisp runs the family owned businesses in Southport and provided myGC with the footage of the incident in hope of catching the brazen thief.

The young lad strolled into the Go Vita store in Australia Fair on Sunday, made sure no one was watching and snatched the brand new iPhone 5s from the stores front counter before calming walking back out.


He was wearing a black singlet with white insignia on the front, a white hat with a black brim and long cream coloured pants.

Thief 1

Cameras catch the moment a thief reaches across a stores counter to snatch a new iPhone. Source: Supplied

It was all over within 15 seconds.

The phone belonged to Ms Crisp’s 19-year-old brother Tim, who also works in the family store.

Ms Crisp said she released the footage because she was so shocked at how daring the man was.

The pair have taken to social media and appealed for the public to provide police with information. If you recognise the thief, please call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.