Have a cup of tea and mint slice for Stephanie Scott today

Today would have been Stephanie Scott’s 28th Birthday.

Her family have encouraged the public to remember and celebrate the bubbly Leeton high school teacher by having a cup of tea and mint slice biscuit.

Yesterday, Stephanie Scott’s mother Merrilyn made a heart-wrenching statement outside Griffith Court, where her daughters killer was sentenced to life in prison.


“Stephanie embodied all that is good about human kind. She made a tangible difference to the lives of so many people,” Mrs Scott said.

“Stephanie would want us to resume our lives. We need to be kind to ourselves and let the music and fun back in.

“Tomorrow we begin to celebrate Stephanie’s too-short, amazing life. This should be her 28th birthday, the second one we celebrate without her.

“We will be having a cup of tea and a mint slice biscuit at 3.00pm, Please join us.”

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