Currumbin Wildlife Hospital staff kept busy

It has been a busy 2013 for the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital. Staff have seen a total of 8592 patients.

Many of the current long term hospital patients that are still in care will soon be released which has given hospital workers something to smile about.

A highlight was when one, a Brisbane short-necked turtle, laid eggs in the hospital turtle pools while recovering from a shell fracture after being hit by a car.


The Hospital has been incubating the 18 freshwater turtle eggs for the last two months, all of which have recently hatched and will soon be released back into the wild.

The Hospital has also been home to eight Boobook Owls for the past six weeks, they were left homeless as a result of land and tree clearing on the Gold Coast that destroyed their nesting sites.

All eight Owls are housed together and have created a very close bond; the Boobook Owls tend to sit in a line along the perch and we will be looking to release these owls in the near future.

This year, once again, the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital will rely on the generosity of the local community to raise the much needed funds that allow the hospital to keep its doors open and provide this vital service to the general public and our native wildlife.

If you can assist in anyway with sponsorship or donations please head to or call 55 340 813 to help us.