Curtis Cheng’s son appeals for cultural change in Australia

The man accused of supplying the gun used to kill NSW Police worker Curtis Cheng in a terror attack will front court today, as the victim’s son calls for cultural change in Australia.

Talal Almeddine is also facing additional charges for allegedly refusing to answer questions before the NSW Crime Commission.


Mr Cheng was shot dead outside Parramatta Police Headquarters in October last year by a 15-year-old who had been radicalised.

His son Alpha Cheng has written an emotional letter calling for a cultural change in Australia.

In a newspaper column published for the Brotherhood of Saint Lawrence, Mr Cheng says his father’s murder raises serious questions about what has gone wrong in Australia.

“What has gone amiss in society when a 15-year-old believes that an act of violence like that is any sort of solution?” he wrote.

“How is it that we have not created a society where everyone feels valued and safe?”

He argues that education should be the great equaliser in Australia, but in many cases and postcodes it remains the great barrier.

“No-one, especially young people, should feel any less of themselves or be disadvantaged because of their race, religion, identity – or their postcode.

“It is in this light that we can build a stronger, safer and more inclusive future for all.”