Customer service key to Gold Coast Games edge

NOW that Glasgow has passed on the torch, the push is on to ensure the Gold Coast puts its best foot forward in four years.

Well-known Australian entrepreneur and best-selling author Bob Ansett says it’s important local businesses make visitors really feel welcome.

“Not just being fairly good at delivering customer service, but service excellence,” he said.


“And to encourage the community generally to take real pride in the fact that these games are going to be on the Gold Coast.”

Mr Ansett is on the coast, adressing locals on improving their businesses and customer service.

He says the people of the coast are capable of it, but may not have the right attitude.

“Maybe it goes back to the days of our convict past, that we’ve always looked at service delivery as some form of servitude,” he said.

“Although that’s pretty well disappeared now, some of the habits linger on.”

In his own business, he encourages staff to leave their personal lives at the door when they came to work.

“It’s sort of hard initially to get through because we’re human beings and we’re influenced by emotions,” he said.

“But we did it, we did it for 25 years.”

Mr Ansett says management also has a key role to play.

“They’ve got to ensure that the job is enjoyable, that employees are having fun in it; they’re getting recognised for their performance,” he said.

“Just the basic common sense things but doing it consistently.”

And there’s no better time to start than right now.

“There’s a few years before the games are upon the Gold Coast so there’s plenty of time to mobilise the community,” Mr Ansett said.

The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games start April 4, 2018.

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