Cute bear exchange between Gold Coast and China

Mayor Tom Tate has hinted that the Gold Coast could one day be home to a panda sanctuary, as relations with China continue to bloom.

He’s in the Chinese town of Chengdu (one of the world’s best panda breeding grounds) inking a sister city deal this week, which has been five years in the making.

As a symbol of friendship between the two cities, Mayor Tate told Newscorp he hopes to gift Chengdu some of our cuddly bears, which could lead to them reciprocating.


“The next idea the Mayor of Chengdu and I will discuss is an idea of gifting a koala sanctuary and I will speak to him about the giant panda sanctuary they have there.

“This will generate more Chinese visitors to the Gold Coast and more Australian visitors to Chengdu because it is the home of the pandas.

“Who knows, maybe one day when the time is right we might have a giant panda sanctuary here,” Mayor Tate told Newscorp.

There’s no timeline on either of these plans at this stage.