Cute furry friends looking for new best friends

WE are being urged to consider taking home a kid friendly furry friend from the Gold Coast Animal Welfare League.

The Coombabah Shelter currently has up to ten guinea pigs, three times more than usual.



The AWL’S Brooke Whitney said tiny animals make great first pets because they don’t mind being dressed up.

She said the AWL has a couple of guinea pigs that are permanent residents that they like to put different outfits on including tiny hats.

Ms Whitney admitted that guinea pigs can have a tendency to be a bit timid, but she stressed that that can change as long as they are handled regularly.


She also recommended getting the “same sex” if families are considering buying more than one.

The Animal Welfare League has rats, puppies and kittens for adoption as well.  Cats and dogs are sold fully vaccinated, de-sexed and micro-chipped.