Cutest customer ever? Curious koala wanders into Gold Coast business

I don’t think you could possibly get any more Australian than this…

An adorable koala has wandered into a Gold Coast lighting warehouse, surprising workers as it casually strolled through the factory.

It’s understood the cute customer made the spontaneous visit to the Siganto Drive factory in Helensvale around 2.30pm on Thursday afternoon.


Staff captured the encounter in a series of photos posted on Facebook, showing the animal making itself right at home as it played hide and seek behind boxes and climbed up steel frames. The inquisitive koala even appeared to pose for the camera.

“When we say MADE IN AUSTRALIA we really mean it!” Aqualuma wrote in a post on Facebook.

“Our little visitor now named Lumi having some hang time in the Aqualuma warehouse today.”

The visit was short and sweet however, with a volunteer from Wildcare Australia called in to help rescue the animal and return it to its natural habitat.

The koala, which has now been named “Lumi” in honour of the Helensvale company, has since been taken to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital for assessment to ensure it hasn’t sustained any injuries during its adventurous outing.

If given the all-clear, the loveable creature is expected to be released back into the northern Gold Coast area.

The encounter comes as July marks the beginning of the koala breeding season in Australia.

“In the past couple of weeks we’ve begun to see a rapid escalation in the number of koalas crossing roads and getting stuck in unusual or dangerous places,” Coomera Conservation Group said.

“Just this week a koala was rescued from the car park of a major theme park, and multiple rescues of koalas and other animals in similar predicaments or hit by cars each day is now common.”

“If you see any wildlife hurt or in danger please call your local rescue organisation. In SEQ please call Wildcare 55272444″.

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Awwwwwww!!! Precious!!