Cyclone Oma to bring erosion and flooding to the Gold Coast

Cyclone Oma has made a turn for the worse off Queensland’s coast, with meteorologists now saying it could make landfall this weekend.

The system was originally meant to hang off the coast, and generate a large swell for Gold Coast waters, as well as further north.

Though the latest modelling has made it more likely that it will continue towards us, bringing gales and rain at the very least.


Kimba Wong from the Weather Bureau says the most likely scenario is that it will head towards the south Queensland coast.

“In a range of between 100 and 150 millimetres [of rain] is possible, but closer to the centre of the system, in excess of 300 millimetres in a day is also possible.

“We’re expecting the tides to be quite high through the rest of the week, so it’s possible that we’ll see, with the strong winds picking up, some larger wave action as well.

“We could see 4-6 metre waves, up to 8 metres off shore, and increasing swell as well.

“With all of those effects combined we could see some quite significant erosion and possibly inundation of low lying areas as well,” Ms Wong said.

PHOTO | Sourced from BOM

The Weather Bureau says the hazardous surf warnings will likely be extended all the way through the weekend to Monday, and that a severe weather warning is in place at the moment, but says people need to check in everyday as the system to continues to change.

“Keep an eye on that forecast and keep an eye on the warnings that we do have at the moment, and definitely avoid the beaches if you can, it’s definitely not great conditions for boating or swimming at the moment,” Ms Wong said.

Tropical Cyclone Oma has intensified to a category 3 system, clocking 130 kilometres an hour winds at the centre, with gusts up to 185 kilometres an hour.

It still remains about 1140 kilometres northeast of Brisbane, though is expected to continue moving in a general southwesterly direction for the next few days, bringing it closer to the Gold Coast.

The Bureau is also warning the following in a hazards statement.

“Abnormally high tides are expected along the southern Queensland coast in the next few days.

“Seas and swell are also expected to increase well ahead of the approach of Oma.

“A Severe Weather Warning and Hazardous Surf Warning are current,” the statement reads.