Cyclone Pam aid effort in full force in Vanuatu

AID has started to arrive in Vanuatu after the tiny Pacific nation was devastated one of the worst storms to ever hit the region.

The official death toll in the capital Port Vila stands at six, although experts say this is likely to rise nationwide, with reports entire villages have been destroyed by Cyclone Pam.

The UN has unconfirmed reports Pam has killed 44 people in one province and Oxfam says the destruction in Port Vila is massive, with 90 per cent of houses damaged.


Most of the region’s islands are still without communication making it extremely difficult to scale the damage or death toll.

Port Vila airport has now reopened with limited facilities to allow in much-needed aid.

Two Australian airforce planes landed with food, shelter and medicine while a New Zealand military aircraft also arrived loaded with eight tonnes of tarpaulins, water containers, chainsaw packs and generators.