D-Day for plastic bags: How you can survive the change

Queenslanders are about to go through a little pain for a global gain, with single-use plastic bags to disappear from retail outlets across the state today.

Shoppers have been warned for months to start stocking up on re-usable bags in a bid to slash plastic waste and protect our wildlife and sealife.

Current data shows the volume of accumulated plastic in the oceans is expected to become greater than that of fish by 2050.


The introduction of the ban co-incides with the eighth annual Plastic Free July campaign, which encourages everyone to become more conscious of their use of throw-away plastic.

Tweed resident Kate Baker began making small changes in her life about two years ago, participating in Plastic Free July, and has now created an online resource to help others reduce their plastic use.

“I know a lot of people are saying ‘I don’t know where to start, it’s so overwhelming’ and I can relate to that – that’s where I was two years ago,” the Get Earthed founder explains.

“By dwelling on that feeling, you actually end up doing nothing out of discontent of not being able to do enough.”

Kate admits she’s not a “perfectly organic plastic-free nature warrior-like unicorn”, but encourages everyone to consider their choices.

“Each day I’m learning, along with everyone else, it’s just that everyone is at different stages.”

” Every purchase I make, every choice I make, I understand has an impact – it can be either a positive or a negative for our world – and I strive for the positive kind.”

You can go to the Get Earthed website to find Kate’s useful tips for weeding out the plastic in your kitchen, shopping bag and bathroom. Also check out her Instagram for regular stunning photos of why it’s so important we protect ‘Mama Earth”.

??NEW BLOG! ?? (link in bio) It was the #plasticfreejuly movement two years ago that opened my eyes up to the big wonderful world that is loving and respecting the incredible planet we call home. – Mama Earth is calling on you to #choosetorefuse this Plastic Free July! ? How crazy is it that we have created more plastic in just the last 10 years than we did the entire century before?! – Our recycling system is so up in the air at the moment after China’s decision to stop accepting the world’s plastic/recyclables in December last year. Relying on another nation to take our rubbish for years means Australia is now scrambling and our landfills filling up fast with items that should actually be recycled! – So while recycling used to be the buzzword it then moved to reusing (it’s still super awesome to reuse your plastics too by the way!) but we’re so far gone now that choosing to refuse to begin with is even more awesome! ? – You can learn a little more about about how recycling might not be the magical fantasy world we think it is at the moment and a few little tips for you come July 1 (or even today!!) by clicking through the link in my bio! ?????? #getearthed #plasticfree #mamaearth #plasticfreeliving #loveourearth #beatplasticpollution

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