D-Day for Trump and Biden in the 2020 US election

Polling booths are open across the United States, as voters turn out in crowds to decide their next President.

Pollsters still have Democratic nominee Joe Biden taking out the presidency, but commentators are cautious after the shock of the 2016 election.

The country is bracing for possible unrest over the coming days, whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden win the election.


It’s understood a big wall has already been installed around the White House.

Meantime, a record 100 million people have already cast their vote through mail-in ballots.

A judge has ordered the US Postal Service to send inspectors to several processing facilities in the key battleground states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Florida, to ensure that no mail-in ballot is left behind.

Donald Trump has been flat out over the past 24 hours, visiting multiple states and continuing his campaigning past midnight.

He’s confident he’ll be staying on in the top job.

“I think we’re going to have a great night, and much more importantly we’re going to have a great four years,” Trump said.

Trump has returned to the White House to watch the vote counting unfold with family.

He shared this video to Twitter overnight, encouraging people to come out and vote.

Biden shared the following video with the same message.

Joe Biden has been campaigning in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, hoping to win over the key state.

“We choose hope over fear, we choose truth over lies, we choose science over fiction, we can take this – I promise you, I promise you,” Biden told supporters.