Dads find out it’s not that easy to brush

A hairdresser takes the treatment of our tresses so seriously that she is holding classes teaching dads how to brush their daughters’ hair properly.

Melbourne’s Cat Allan from Glamzilla Salon said men need to stop hurting their kids.

She said that what it comes down to is “learning where to start so you don’t actually rip at the hair and pull it out and hurt them and grab on those knots and make it worse which a lot of dads will do because they don’t know”.


The Beer and Braids workshops teach tear free combing.  Cat came up with the idea about a month ago.

Fathers bring their daughters to the salon to “learn the ropes” of taming the tangle, and Ms Allan said interest had been “phenomenal”.

Blokes enter ham-fisted and leave knowing how to do “pain-free” brushing, use detangling products, execute a basic ponytail, create a fishtail braid and — the piece de resistance — a flower braid.

“Dads tend to find that, because they don’t have hair themselves, they don’t know what to do with their ­daughter’s,” she said.

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