This Dad’s message to baby clothes makers is hilarious #HelpTheDadHands

A father is finally speaking out on behalf of all Dad’s in a hilarious video posted to YouTube.

In the clip, Jordan Watson from Auckland, New Zealand asks ‘baby clothes builders’ to #HelpTheDadHands by creating baby clothes with less buttons and more velcro.

“This is an important message to all the baby clothes builders out there,” he says.


“I’ve got hands and i’m a Dad, I’ve got ‘dad hands’ and dad hands they don’t deal too well with baby buttons, so many tiny little baby buttons on tiny little baby clothes.”

So we need to get the message out there – Shoes, they’ve nailed it.. Velcro, makes sense.”

“Help the ‘dad hands’ and make more Velcro.”

His clip has gone viral with more than 41,000 views since being uploaded on July 24.