Damian Leeding Memorial Park hosts charity run

A run for charity will be held at Damian Leeding Memorial Park this weekend.

After skipping a year due to technicalities, the ‘Run for Renstar’ is back with a new direction.

We are being encouraged to take part in a run or walk to raise funds for the Renstar Foundation and mark the 4th anniversary of fallen star, Renee Nicholls.


The Renstar Foundation was established in Renee’s honour & is currently working together with families to cover the $850 cost of the UBE3A mutation testing for all of the children that are suspected but not yet diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome.

Sufferers of the genetic condition often show signs of intellectual disability, delayed speech, jerky walking style and happy demeanour. Physical features can include deep-set eyes, a flattened back of the head and a wide ever-smiling mouth.

So to help others with the illness head to Regatta Waters Lake, Watersport Lane, Oxenford.  The distance around is 3.9 kilometres, just enough for the fitness buffs to have a warm up run & long enough for families to take a casual stroll around the entire lake & soak up the views.

A gold coin donation is all you need to hand over to enter.

For donations of a greater value, please place your money in an envelope with name & contact details, for a tax receipt to be sent out in the following months.

Renstar Foundation shirts will be for sale for $20 each on the day.  A sausage sizzle will be arranged on return, with all proceeds from the shirt/food/beverage sales going towards the Renstar Foundation.