Dangerous conditions force Gold Coast beaches to be shut

Beaches across the Gold Coast have been closed with lifeguards warning it is simply too dangerous to be going near the water.

A hazardous surf warning remains in place with the dangerous conditions expected to continue on Monday.

Lifeguard Supervisor Luke Ingwerson says it’s a no-brainer to shut beaches today.


“The swell has picked up, it’s got about an eight to 10 second period swell so that means waves are really close together,” Mr Ingwerson said.

“The wind is really strong and there’s a lot of rain coming in as well. It’s just horrible on the beach, it’s unsafe.”

Lifeguards have also warned that even walking along the beach could pose a risk today.

“We are at a high tide right now, we will have the beach crews coming and checking the erosion later in the day but even walking along the water’s edge, it’s just not the best idea on such a day.”

It could be several days before beaches reopen with the wild weather to be followed up with a king tide on Tuesday.

“Yeah it’s funny, they always seem to combine the East Coast lows or the the low pressure systems that bring in this terrible weather and the biggest tide so at the moment the beaches are looking alright, but we’ll wait to see how it looks in the next few days.”

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