Dannii Minogue granted exemption from Queensland’s mandatory hotel quarantine

Questions are being raised about how Dannii Minogue was able to get an exemption from hotel quarantine from Queensland’s Chief Health Officer.

The singer and presenter has returned home from the United States with her 10-year-old son over the weekend, ahead of filming an Australian TV show.

As of July 1, all returning overseas travellers arriving into Queensland were being forced to pay for their own mandatory hotel quarantine at a cost of around $2,800 per individual.


But Minogue has somehow been granted an exemption, and is instead quarantining at a private property on the Gold Coast with her son.

There are reports she presented a medical certificate from her doctor that allowed her to serve her 14 days at home.

She’s also agreed to be tested multiple times during the quarantine period for the coronavirus.

Queensland Health has refused to comment on individual matters when it comes to exemptions.

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Well it pays off if your name is Danni Minogue . Self isolating at home but yet the poor guy on Current Affair last night dying of cancer but has to isolate in a hotel and pay for the room. Great understanding Health Department we have. Maybe the Health Dept or Danni might like to pay his hotel bill. So unfair.

Don’t be so hard on her. She has an auto immune disease ( hasimoto’s) that makes her more susceptible to catching Covid19

All the more reason she should be in a hotel!

Even more reason to stay home and Not travel to the USA the world capital of the Corona virus maybe she puts money before her own health and wellbeing.

Desley, Did you see Current Affairs last night? What about the aussie guy placed in a filthy hotel room after returning from Germany following serious cancer treatment. Even current affairs could not get the ruling lifted despite the fact he would be self isolating at home in a rural environment and had various letters from doctors advising this. He is at high risk of dying if he catches the disease but is stuck in a hotel building with other overseas travelers. So yes we should ask questions. It’s not a rule for one and a different rule for another because they are famous. Compassion should be shown to everyone who has a legitimate medical condition.

Derek… I agree! Everyone who suffers from a medical ailment should be taken into consideration! They are the ones who are at risk here, and they have done nothing wrong.

Minogue who can afford it & must have influence with someone in state government goes comfortably home while most other people pay for lockdown in a hotel. It s***s doesn’t it!

What the F. This is government corruption. Someone is in bed with someone. Since when should someone avoid the rule of law. If the law applies, then it applies to everyone. Why should some rich b**** get favoritism?

No wonder people are breaking rules this what happens when health depts don’t follow their own rules qld is going to end up like victoria and now sydney WHO IS DOING THE CHECKS AND BALANCES idiots hope she gets real sick blow her

I think you are the idiot here pat
For one the media is not reporting that dannii Minogue suffers with a auto immune disease
(And supplied med/cert) and is not the only person in home quarantine. But because she is in the public eye, she gets attacked by someone of limited intelligence like yourself. I wonder if you would feel the same way if that was your mother or sister ,, or how you would feel if some fool said this about them.
And two it shows what type of person you are by saying you “hope she gets really sick” why would you say that about anyone ???
Mmmm who’s the idiot.

Should she be travelling if she is susceptible of catching COVID?

Simon the pandemic made headlines way back in February. If she has a medical issue even the more reason to stay home and not travel especially to the USA, the Corona virus capital of the world
I guess she puts making money ahead of her own health and wellbeing and being around for her son. Common sense should prevail.

Only one idiot that’s u for commenting Simon Peeee

My 19 year-old daughter can’t get back into queensland to resume her study (and life) without having to shell out money for hotel quarantine, not to mention the mental anxiety one will inevitably have being cooped up in a hotel room for two weeks. Absolutely disgraceful that Danii Minogue and her son get different treatment from everyone else (including QLDers!). If she has health issues, what is she doing in covid-ridden US in the first place? Or she could come back to her “other” home base in Victoria and quarantine here. Disgraceful.

Your level of idiocy is quite astonishing! So much wrong with everything you are saying. Hahaha
A. you are comparing a 19 yr old uni student to a mature adult, seriously. If she can’t handle being in isolation what are the chances of a 19yr old Uni student staying in isolation if left to themselves. 0%
B. Does your 19 yr old have her own isolated dwelling, with no other inhabitants and means to stay there? And the ability to pay for repeated testing in said dwelling which would need to be conducted?
C. What does it matter why she was in the US. Hater. Why was your daughter away from school!? In covid-ridden Victoria!?


She’s actually got an apartment for which she is paying rent, Ralph.. She’s not allowed to go there – she has to pay for hotel quarantine. The point isn’t as to whether she goes into quarantine. It’s why do the same rules not apply to the lovely Danni and her son, when everyone else has to succumb to a two-week hotel stay at a hotel of the QLD government’s choosing..

I suppose she’s doing her own washing, cleaning and cooking in whatever little mansion she’s isolated in.No servants or anything?

If I needed to visit my terminally ill mum in Queensland I still had to quarantine in a hotel so what the hell is going on here with Danni Minogue. Can I get a certificate from my doctor too????

Regards of whether her own doctor approved her quarantine location he is not the Queensland government and has no authority. She should be treated like everyone else and made to quarantine in the hotel. If she has work commitments here in Australia, come home earlier so you can follow these same rules for ALL Australians . Its not as if the Corona virus pandemic started a week ago. Letting people into Australia and allowing them special treatment is how the Corona virus gets a foothold in Australia. Queensland you are next to get a second wave of the covid 19 virus if crap like this continues to happen. Nobody should be allowed back into Australia, you had 4 months to get home. So for at least 6 to 12 months all international flights to Australia should be scrapped no matter who you are until we have a vaccine otherwise we will continue to go into lockdown after lockdown for at least another year.

I want to go to Queensland to play football with my sister…wonder if I am granted an exemption like the football team and Danni Minogue

Surely anyone with the condition she has should not even consider flying in a ” petite dish” let alone visiting a country that had the worst record for covid. I don’t begrudge her having the smarts to get an exemption , just that she not only put herself at risk but also het son.

My daughter has applied twice for an exemption from the Chief Medical Officer and been denied both times (the latest today). She has two young children who have medical issues and could not cope being locked up in a hotel room for 14 days (even if she could afford the bill, which she can’t). She submitted reports from two pediatricians who both advised the children could not cope in that situation. Seems it has fallen on deaf ears – the CMO is too busy listening to Danni sing!! Is this still Australia?

just reading she said the special exemption was for crippling claustrophobia
I suffer from extreme debilitating claustrophobia and there’s no way I could get in a plane yet she did and then says I can’t stay in a hotel unbelievable of course it’s celebrity perks