Darrell Lea dedicates new choccie block to the sunny Gold Coast

Gold Coasters, we’ve finally made it.

We have our very own chocolate block, and it’s not just any ordinary chocolate block, it’s the one and only Darrell Lea.

It may have been a long time coming, but all good things are worth waiting for right?! And judging by the ingredients in this mouth-watering concoction, we are in for a real sweet treat!


“Discover a new kind of chocolate block with Darrell Lea’s Gold Coast Road Trip,” the chocolate-maker said.

“Jump in the van and Journey to the land of pineapples, coconut and honeycomb.

“It’s the tropical getaway you’ve been waiting for.”

If you’re a local, someone who just really loves the Gold Coast, OR you just really like the sound of this new flavour, visit your local Woolworths store to get your hands on a block, or two, now!

PHOTO: Darrell Lea

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Gold Coast Road Trip chocolate which you heavily promoted, according to the packaging was “packed in Australia from imported ingredients “.
No more support for Darryl Lee chocolates which I thought was a long term Australian company but now turns out to be just another business taken over by the big end of town with no real concern for those who have supported the name and quality of an Australian company only to see it go the way of advertising hype to disguise the lies told on the packaging.