Daughter who decapitated mother found not guilty of murder

WARNING: Readers may find some details in this article confronting.

A young woman who stabbed her own mother up to 200 times before cutting off her head has been found not guilty of murder.

Jessica Camilleri was today instead convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter by a jury, following a week-long trial in Sydney.


It comes after the 27-year-old pleaded not guilty to murder, claiming she was mentally impaired at the time she brutally attacked her mother at their St Clair home on July 20 last year.

Police were called to the property about 11.40pm, following reports of an argument involving two women.

It was there that they found the body of her 57-year-old mother Rita in the kitchen, who had been decapitated.

The trial heard Jessica had carried her mother’s head down the street before leaving it in a neighbour’s front yard.

The court was also played a police recording, where Ms Camilleri can be heard asking a police officer whether her mother’s head can be sewn back on.

“Can I ask you, did they find the head? Has she gone, you just can’t bring her back? Ms Camilleri can be heard asking the officer.

“There’s nothing you can do, she’s a goner? They can’t restart her heart? Because I know doctors can do miracles they can’t resew her head?” she continued.

Ms Camilleri has been in custody since being arrested in 2019.

She will face a sentencing hearing in February next year.