Dave Hughes: “The Gold Coast’s head is going to explode” when hosting Logies

UPDATE @ September 6 2017 @ 10am | Comedian and former Logies host Dave Hughes has let the cat out of the bag while clearing his name on Gold Coast radio this morning.

“(The Logies are) going to be the Gold Coast,” Hughes told Hot Tomato’s breakfast show.

“Have they officially announced it? Because it is happening,” he told Flan and Emily Jade with Christo.


“The Logies, the Commonwealth Games all in one year. The Gold Coast’s head is going to explode!” he joked.

Hughes also cleared the air on his description of the Gold Coast as ‘tacky’ during discussion on TV’s night of nights, saying he was ‘taken out of context’.

“If the newspaper couldn’t have put sarcastic quotation marks around that comment… there’s not much I can do,” the proud Melburnian said.

“I love the Gold Coast it’s my second home, my spiritual home really.”

“(The Logies) is obviously not a classy event and it’s not full of classy people.”

Hughes admitted he had not yet been asked to host the event, which he’s done from Melbourne’s Crown Casino Palladium Ballroom for the past three years.

“It stresses me out for about six months, so if they don’t invite me I’ll be celebrating!”

It’s believed negotiations are underway between Gold Coast City, the Queensland Government and Bauer Media Group, the company behind TV Week.

EARLIER @ September 4 2017 @ 11.30am | The Gold Coast is already a location hot spot for TV and film production, not to mention a breeding ground for national and international personalities, so it seems the perfect destination to host the Logie Awards.

TV’s night of nights is being punted from Melbourne, where it’s been held since 1987, after the Victorian Government decided to withdraw its bid and the $1m in funding.

“We’re proud to have been home to the Logies for more than 30 years, but it’s time to pass on the baton,” Tourism and Events Minister John Eren said in a statement.

The decision was made following consultation with key stakeholders and a comprehensive event analysis.

The Gold Coast and Brisbane became immediate front runners.

Mayor Tom Tate has just held a media conference where he confirmed the Gold Coast’s interest in the high profile event.

“I would absolutely welcome our city to host the Logies, post the Commonwealth Games,” Cr Tate said.

“Our film and television industry is growing, becoming a very strong economy,” he added.

“To have the Logies here, it would send a message all throughout Australia and remind them why the Gold Coast is the capital of tourism in our country.”

But the Mayor admitted they would need to crunch the numbers first to see if it was a viable option and confirmed he had already spoken with Tourism Minister Kate Jones.

“It’s all about value for money and we would look into that. I would give the State Government the lead on that,” he explained while confirming the Council would also consider chipping in some funding.

The sudden decision to take the event out of Melbourne has been met with criticism from many TV stars, while the word “tacky” was used to describe the Gold Coast.

Asked if he was offended by that, the Mayor gave a tongue-in-cheek reply: “It is offensive. I could turn around and say, “it would be fitting, it’s a tacky industry coming to a tacky city”.

Before asking the question: “Why wouldn’t [all those stars] want to come to the Gold Coast?”