More bikies face charges

DETECTIVES from Taskforce Maxima are today extraditing a 35-year-old man from South Australia on kidnapping for ransom, extortion and assault charges.

A 37-year-old man, an alleged ex-president of the Lone Wolves Criminal Gang, has also been charged with kidnapping for ransom.

It will be alleged further investigations into an incident which occurred on the Gold Coast on March 10, 2013 identified additional offenders and offences.


It will be alleged a 24-year-old man was held against his will, assaulted, and threatened with further violence if money was not paid.

It will further be alleged a relative of the man was required to supply a sum of money to the offenders in order to secure his release.

Detectives are investigating the possibility more victims were assaulted and extorted, and are urging anyone with information in relation to this to contact Taskforce Maxima or Crime Stoppers.

Detective Inspector Brendan Smith of Taskforce Maxima said “This is another clear example of the criminal behaviour of gang members. They prey on the victim’s weaknesses and then use threats and intimidation to make victims both comply with their demands, and also discourage them from complaining to authority.

“In this matter, police will allege the victim’s mother was required to raise the money and deliver it in the middle of the night. They were both extremely fearful about what would happen had she not paid the money.”

The 35-year-old man will face the Brisbane Magistrates Court tomorrow.

The 37-year-old man will face the Southport Magistrates Court on June 4.

Also three alleged Gold Coast bikies will face Southport Magistrate’s Court today, accused of bashing a man to recover a debt.

Detectives from Taskforce Maxima staged simultaneous dawn raids at Varsity Lakes yesterday, taking into custody two patched members and a nominee of the Hells Angels criminal gang as part of Operation Mike Ion.

They were then slapped with a raft of charges, including extortion and supply dangerous drugs as well as offences relating to the vicious lawless associate (VLAD) Act introduced in the wake of the Broadbeach bikie brawl last September.

EARLIER: VIOLENT ice-dealing bikies accused of intimidating and bashing their victims to recover unpaid drug debts have been arrested during a series of dawn raids on the Gold Coast.

Detectives from Taskforce Maxima targeting the activities of the Hells Angels criminal motorcycle gang on the Gold Coast executed three search warrants at Varsity Lakes on Monday morning.

Two patched members and one alleged nominee were arrested and around $24,000 in cash, mobile phones, sim cards and bikie paraphernalia was seized.

The trio have been charged with a number of offences, including extortion with a circumstance of aggravation, supplying dangerous drugs (ICE), assault occasioning bodily harm and being a participant in criminal organisation knowingly present in public place.

It will be alleged the complainant in this instance was assaulted and extorted in relation to a debt owed by a third person.

It will be further alleged these offenders made victims hand over their motor vehicles, through threats and a fear of violence, as collateral for the debts.

The three men from Varsity Lakes, aged 23, 27 and 30, are expected to face the Southport Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Investigations are continuing surrounding allegations of additional victims who were also assaulted and extorted by the accused.

Police expect to make further arrests and have urged others to come forward.

Detective Superintendent Niland, Commander, Taskforce Maxima stated: “Once again the true nature of these gangs has been revealed.  They work together to standover and bully people as a group. The actions of these gang members are why the new laws are necessary.”

“For too long these gangs have used their networks and gang membership to facilitate crime, using threats and intimidation to make victims both comply with their demands, but also to discourage them from complaining to authority.

“These results show how the new laws and the on-going enforcement action are changing things for the better. People now have the confidence to come forward, they are making complaints, they are providing information, and I suspect we will see a lot more of it.”