DAY SEVEN: Schoolies ‘very well behaved’ heading into final night

Teens appear to be putting on their best behaviour as Schoolies celebrations begin to come to an end on the Gold Coast.

Police say they were pleased with the “overall behaviour” of the large crowd that headed into the Surfers Paradise CBD overnight.

Just three male schoolies were arrested on eight charges, which were mostly in relation to public nuisance and drug possession offences.


It was a great improvement on the same night last year, which saw 11 schoolies arrested.

Three non-schoolies were also taken into custody overnight on 6 charges.

The toolies were busted mainly for public nuisance and drug related offences.

It was a busier night for paramedics however, with 68 schoolies treated at the on-site Emergency Treatment Centre.

33 females and 35 males were assessed, with six requiring further assessment at hospital.

The final night of schoolies begins tonight.