DAY TWO: Schoolies celebrations ramp up on the Glitter Strip

Thousands of Schoolies will no doubt be waking up a little worse for wear today following their second night of celebrations on the Gold Coast.

It was a busy night for paramedics, with a total of 81 Schoolies assessed within the Emergency Treatment Centre in Surfers Paradise.

Of those, five teens needed to be taken to hospital for further treatment.


It’s an increase on the first night of celebrations, which saw 45 Schoolies assessed at the medical hub and three hospitalised.

Police are yet to confirm whether any school-leavers were arrested, with officials to hold a press conference later this morning.

The first night saw only two Schoolies taken into custody, with officers praising the behaviour of the 2021 graduates in the party precinct.

Older revellers proved to cause the most trouble, with 11 Toolies arrested on Saturday night.