Daylight Saving confusion to reign supreme from next month

DAYLIGHT Saving comes into effect again next month and Tweed Nationals MP Geoff Provest has been accused of failing residents on cross-border issues.

Tweed Labor candidate Ron Goodman said Mr Provest had yet again failed to deliver for residents and business alike on cross-border issues.

“Mr Provest promised a special economic zone for the Tweed,” Mr Goodman said.


“After seven years in Parliament locals are yet to see any move towards Mr Provest’s promised special economic zone.

“This adds to Mr Provest’s already long list of broken promises, including failing to build a high school at Pottsville and failing to get work started on the new Tweed police station.

In 2009 Mr Provest publicly announced that a Tweed economic zone was a priority to stimulate the Tweed economy.
Mr Goodman said Mr Provest had failed to follow through.

“Mr Provest and the Nationals have a poor track record when it comes to improving conditions for Tweed businesses,” Mr Goodman said.

“We need a government that will actually invest in this region instead of taking it for granted like Mr Provest and the Nationals.”

Mr Provest has dismissed a Labor attack on him over daylight saving time as “just another cheap stunt” from a candidate with no vision for the future of the Tweed.

“We had simultaneous Labor Governments in power in Sydney and Brisbane for a decade with no resolution to the time zone or any other cross border issue for that matter.” Mr Provest said.

“However since those Governments were thrown out we have made solid progress with the appointment of a cross border commissioner and legislation only last week which recognises tradies’ qualifications on both sides of the border.”

“That is what my 100 per cent for Tweed policy agenda is all about.”

“Good politics is about finding solutions and being constructive, not about pedalling misinformation.”

New South Wales residents wind their clocks back one hour on Sunday, October 5.

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