Dealing with the devil

IT is 1.30am and I am lost, confused and angry.

Yes, I have just been dealing with Telstra.

(Interesting fact: Telstra spelt backwards is Artslet – another name for Satan.)


It has been almost 48 hours since my email account stopped working – the one I need working so that I can keep working.

I searched Twitter, Facebook and the Artslet website to see if there were any service outages.


I tried the 24/7 online Chat thingy where I was number 18 in the queue for about 30 minutes before a typed message from Nathanial popped up asking me how he could put a smile on my face.

I typed out a long explanation, he typed he would check on it and I believed him.

Then the chat box shutdown with an ‘unexpected error’ – also known as Nathanial went off to find an easier problem.

So I rang Satan, I mean, Telstra and after a long wait was told a system upgrade had caused problems and it would all be sorted ‘within minutes … or hours’.

“I’ll send you the details and my name so you can contact me if you need to,” said the helpful woman.

But she didn’t.

And it wasn’t sorted the next day.

So two more chat boxes and a phone call later it turns out they had failed to reactivate my account.

No problem, said Kay, she can sort it out ‘in a few minutes … or 24 hours’.

Me: Will I need a new password?

Kay: Yes and new password can be created only once the request has been completed already (sic)

Me: How will I know it is fixed if my email is not working without a new password?

Kay: Wait for the 24 hour time frame from the time that the you contact us to resume the email account.

Me: And where will I get the new password from?

Kay: Once the request has been completed tomorrow

Me: What happens then?

Kay: Email will be accessible once the new password has been created and can now start using the email again

Me: But where does the new password come from?

Kay: We will be the one to create the new password for you

Me: Then how do I get the password?

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