Death toll from Indonesian tsunami climbs as crews race to find survivors

The death toll from the Indonesian tsunami continues to climb with officials confirming 373 have been killed.

Almost 1500 have been injured after waves up to five metres smashed into coastal areas of Western Java and Southern Sumatra on Saturday night.

Rescue crews continue to scour the area for survivors and victims with 128 people still missing but authorities are yet to reach all affected areas.


Workers are using heavy duty machinery and their hands to dig through the rubble.

Extra doctors, medical supplies and equipment are being sent to Java’s Banten province which was one of the worst affected areas.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo toured the region on Monday expressing his sympathies and deep condolences to those impacted by the disaster.

He also ordered Government agencies to respond more quickly and has ordered a review of tsunami warning systems, with reports there was no alert issued on Saturday night.

No Australians have been listed as being among the victims but the Australian Embassy in Jakarta is continuing to liaise with local authorities.