UPDATE: Death toll rising in Germany after mass shooting

7:30AM | A ninth body has reportedly been uncovered not far from Germany’s mass shooting.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting the latest body to be discovered could be that of a gunman.

German Terror Police and Federal Officers have been called in to help with the investigation.


EARLIER: German police say at least eight people are dead and as many as three gunmen are on the run after a mass shooting in Munich.

Police are not ruling out that Saturday morning’s massacre at a busy shopping mall may be a terror attack.

A witness told CNN they watched an armed man walk out of McDonald’s bathroom and shoot children as they ate.

Some shoppers were able to be evacuated, others are finding places to hide inside.

The area around the Olympia shopping complex has been sealed off and all transport services in the city are suspended.

Munich is in lockdown, earlier there was some confusion about where the shots were being fired amid reports there was a shooting happening at a second location.

Twitter users are offering those left stranded a place to wait for the threat to pass.  They are using the hashtag #OffeneTur which translated means #OpenDoor.

Facebook has activated its Safety Check System so people can get in touch with each other in Munich.