Debate over e-scooters heats up following death of man in Brisbane

The debate over the future of electronic scooters in Brisbane is heating up, amid calls for them to be banned following the death of a 50-year-old man.

The man suffered traumatic head injuries and went into cardiac arrest after apparently falling down a set of stairs while on a Lime scooter on Tuesday night.

He passed away in hospital on Thursday.


It has since been revealed 80 people have been treated following accidents involving e-scooters, 12 of them needed surgery, over just two months.

The Pedestrian Council of Australia has this morning called for all e-scooters to be banned in Brisbane, arguing there will be more injuries and even deaths unless something is done.

“A man has now died. What more evidence do you need that these things have got to be banned,” Council Chief Harold Scruby told ABC radio on Friday.

“You cannot possibly expect not to have lots of serious injuries and deaths if you’ve got vehicles going between human beings on footpaths.”

The state’s peak motoring body, the RACQ, has rejected the calls for a ban saying it goes too far.

“We have a real issue in the south east with people not being able to easily get to and from public transport, and e-scooters can be one of the solutions to this problem,” RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said.

Mr Turner said regulation and better enforcement of speed limits and helmets was vital.

“Prohibition is the easy solution but not the best one, we need regulation that limits e-scooters to safer speeds on the footpath. We need police to enforce rider behaviour and BCC to manage their footpaths to stop e-scooters being left in hazardous positions,” he said.

“We also need scooter riders, just like cyclists, pedestrians and drivers, to be respectful of other transport users around them, to wear a helmet and adhere to the speed limit.

“As with any other form of transport, it comes down to safe and sensible behaviour.”

The Brisbane City Council has expressed sympathy for the man’s family and says it won’t comment further, pending a police investigation into the death.

The Lime scooter company has also expressed its condolences and is cooperating with the probe.