Debate today to close paedophile loophole

A loophole under Australian law will be debated today, that sees it still legal for predators to imitate teen online for the purpose of child grooming.

A South Australian mother who’s daughter was murdered by a predator, is supported by independent Senators Derryn Hinch and Nick Xenophon in pushing to change these laws.

Sonya Ryan’s daughter Carly was murdered by 50-year-old Garry Newman, who used more than 200 teen personas online to lure teenagers and children.


15-year-old Carly went to meet who she thought was 20-year-old Texan Musician Brandon Kane, when she was beaten to death and suffocated in the sand at Port Elliot beach in South Australia.

Today, the “Carly’s Law” bill will be introduced by South Australian senator Nick Xenophon and Victorian senator Derryn Hinch, tackling the loophole that allows paedophiles to use false identities online.

A slightly-altered version of a bill was defeated in 2014 for being “too broad in its application”, with fears that targeting every adult impersonating a young person might apply to individuals who were intellectually disabled and not grooming children.