Defence Force helicopters to train over the Gold Coast

Gold Coasters are being told not to be alarmed if they see Australian Defence Force helicopters flying low over the city over the coming weeks.

The ADF has confirmed it will be conducting a number of training exercises across the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich and Darling Downs but was unable to specify the exact days or time they would be happening.

Defence could only confirm they would be taking place in ‘August and early September’.


Helicopters will form a major part of the training, flying between Defence establishments and training areas during the day.

Locals are being warned it could lead to some ongoing noise.

“People who see the training should not be concerned that any of the locations are under any form of actual threat,” Defence said in a statement.

“The public should not be alarmed if they see or hear military helicopters and military personnel carrying weapons. No ammunition will be used during the training.”

“This essential training is vital to maintain Australia’s world-class military capability. It is not a part of the Australian Government’s COVID-19 response.”

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Maybe this has started because I was woken by a helicopter 9pm last night and then 4.30am this morning. Idiots.

Was more likely PolAir the police helicopter

Born and been living here for 50 years and not once has this been needed. Clearly public acclimation to the ‘Police State’ takeover, new world order BS those like Alex Jones have been going on about since 1998. Surprised we weren’t called ‘civilians’ in the above script. Get back to Canungra and train there you traitors.

You have had your eyes and ears shut for 50 years then, as these military exercises are done almost every year, I know you’d be glad that they stay in a state of readiness if any country ever tired or invade

“It is not a part of the Australian Government’s COVID-19 response.”

That’s a relief!

It’s bad enough that we have the excessively noisy police helicopter going around and around like a bad record without more helicopters flying around.

Maybe if people stop buying meth there wouldn’t be so many drug busts and dodgy dealings requiring polair.

As for this training I’m happy to keep on alert with neighbours like China.

If Australian dealers weren’t such fn pussies, greedy kunts who need a stomp in the head, were selling the proper s*** on these streets, people wouldn’t have to resort to that airmail be. Oi u dealers here in australia r fn soft lil p**** b****es believe that