Delta Goodrem reveals surgery left her unable to speak for months

Delta Goodrem has opened up to her fans about an operation that left her unable to speak, in a heart breaking video posted to social media.

The Australian pop star shared that she had a surgery to remove a salivary gland two years ago that paralysed a nerve in her tongue.

She awoke from the surgery to find she’d lost the ability to speak, having to undergo months of rehabilitation and speech therapy to fix it.


The short, six-minute video, shows heartbreaking footage of her throughout her recovery.

“I don’t want to go out, I’m super embarrassed. I’m just over it. I’m just trying to stay positive.”

“My livelihood is my sound.

“I’m trying to decide whether this is getting any better or not. It doesn’t feel like it,” she says in one of the clips.

Goodrem’s been quite about the harrowing experience until now, explaining this was why she wrote her new song ‘Paralyzed’.

Watch the video below.