Deodorant lollies to make you smell sweet

THEY say true beauty comes from within… and a candy factory owner has taken this literally, creating deodorant lollies.

Ventsislav Peychev, a former engineer from Bulgaria invented ‘Deo Perfume Candy’ to help ease the smell of body odour.

The 55-year-old says that the sweets can neutralise body odour and replace it with a lingering sweet scent for up to six hours, depending on a person’s size and how many sweets they have gobbled up.


The lollies look like ordinary sweets and are available in hard, chewy and even sugar-free versions.

The Deo Perfume Candy is made from geraniol, which is the primary part of rose oil.

“Geraniol is an antipode of garlic…. It also comes out through the pores but instead of leaving a bad smell, it perfumes the body,” said Peychev.