Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce facing increased pressure to stand aside

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is facing increased pressure to stand aside amid the dual citizenship fiasco.

Labor is threatening to attempt to delay all votes in the lower house until he steps down from cabinet.

Mr Joyce has been referred to the High Court to test whether his New Zealand citizenship by descent disqualifies him from sitting in parliament under section 44 of the constitution.


The court has scheduled three days in October to hear Mr Joyce’s case and those of at least six other federal politicians.

Labor frontbencher Richard Marles told Sky News that while Labor regarded it as a “no-brainer” that he should stand aside, it was ultimately up to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

“The fact that they have a different set of now applying to Barnaby Joyce, presumably because he is the deputy prime minister and in the House of Representatives, speaks to how completely inconsistent they’ve been on this, but it also speaks for the total lack of authority that the prime minister has in trying to deal with this situation in any normal and sensible way,” Mr Marles said.