Deputy PM survives Labor’s sack motion

Barnaby Joyce has survived a vote which would have seen him booted out of Parliment, with Labor saying the Deputy Prime Minister broke ministerial standards.

Labor unsuccessfully tried to bring on a motion this morning calling for Malcolm Turnbull to sack his deputy.

However, they lost the vote 73-70.


The vote comes as the Nationals’ leader fights allegations he asked to live in a friend’s townhouse rent-free when his marriage broke down.

Mr Joyce is accused of asking wealthy Nationals party donor, Greg Maguire, for a place to stay while he was preparing for the New England by-election last year.

He said the accusations are false.

“I did not approach Mr Maguire asking for any help. What I can also state is that he made the approach to me when I was not a Minister,” Mr Joyce said.

The Deputy Prime Minister added he tried to pay rent, but Mr Maguire refused to take his money.

Newscorp reporters, who broke the story on Mr Joyce’s affair, said this is incorrect.

Mr Joyce’s relationship with former media advisor, Vikki Campion, had raised concerns about a potential misuse of taxpayer funds.

Ms Campion was shuffled around jobs in senior MPs’ offices.