Deputy Premier issues stern advice to Gold Coasters stranded over the border

Gold Coasters stranded interstate waiting for the borders to reopen have been given one simple message: ‘get vaccinated’.

That’s the Deputy Premier’s advice to those who are facing the prospect of having to fly into Queensland to home quarantine once our borders finally being opening from mid-November.

“If people on the Gold Coast want to see those borders come down sooner, then go and get vaccinated, because at the moment, the rates on the Gold Coast are lower than across the rest of the state,” Deputy Premier Steven Miles said on the Gold Coast this morning.


It follows mounting calls for those trapped in northern New South Wales to be allowed to just drive across the borders, straight to their homes once we reached the 70 percent double vaccination rate on November 19.

However, Queensland’s Health Minister Yvette D’Ath yesterday said that that won’t be an option until the 80 percent double vaccination mark in mid-December.

“I appreciate they’re in their cars but we cannot open up to people driving all the way through the state.

“They’re Queenslanders who have taken their vehicles interstate, the rules have been very clear since we went into hotspots and this has been the rule since the start of the year.”

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Deputy Premier Steven Miles has doubled down on those comments today, saying that if frustrated Gold Coasters want to get home quicker, there’s just one thing to do: “get vaccinated”.

“We can bring those dates forward if more people get vaccinated,” Deputy Premier Miles said.

“If Gold Coast people are frustrated with that delay, they need to go and get  vaccinated. It’s as simply as that.

“And if we meet those targets sooner, if we get to 70 percent sooner, we’ll be able to move to home quarantine sooner.

“If we get to 80 percent sooner, then we’ll be able to move across the borders more easily and by road. That’s the message,” Mr Miles said.