Deputy Premier slammed over “disgusting comments about GPs”

Queensland Deputy Premier Dr Steven Miles is under fire, with the state opposition insisting he should apologise for making a “disgraceful slur” against GPs.

Dr Miles accused GPs of turning away patients with respiratory symptoms because of COVID fears, forcing the patients to go to hospital emergency departments instead – which he says is worsening the pressure on the health system.

Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates has slammed the Deputy Premier’s comments and says he needs to apologise.


“For Steven Miles, who is a fraud, a phony and a failure, who was the fake doctor, who was the architect of Queensland health crisis, to come out yesterday and say disgusting comments about GPs is just beyond the pale,” Ms Bates says.

“For two years, our GPs have put their own health on the line, have put their own family’s health on the line, have put their own businesses on the line, and were spearheading the rollout of our vaccines,

“If it wasn’t for the GPs, heaven help Queensland.”

It comes as the state ambulance ramping crisis worsens, with paramedics being forced to bypass some hospitals because of overcrowding.

Opposition Leader David Crisafulli says GPs are being “treated like a punching bag” by Dr Miles.

“This has got to end, the government has to acknowledge there is a problem,” Mr Crisafulli says.

“Queensland has the worst ambulance ramping in the country and grubby slurs aren’t going to fix that.”

Dr Tanya Unni

Gold Coast GP Dr Tanya Unni says they are exhausted, and struggling with a lack of resources and supplies.

“This is a situation like never before, our doctors are stretched, we are overworked, and we are trying to do everything possible,” Dr Unni says.

“It’s understandable that patients still prefer to come to family doctors instead of going to emergency where possible – but sometimes it is not always the case.”

Dr Unni agrees the Deputy Premier could have chosen his words better.

“We would love to work together and see whether we can find a solution because we all want to help,”

“We are here as Doctors only because we want to serve the community and we want to work together with our patients so that we can maximize the support for them.”

Shadow Health Minister Bates also called out the Premier, accusing her of going missing while Queensland’s health crisis worsens.

“Where is Premier Palaszczuk? Our hospitals are on red alert, but Premier Palaszczuk is on a red carpet with light bulbs flashing,” Ms Bates says.

“She’s out there every day, basically making sure that she’s on the red carpet sipping champagne, not worried about the poor people here in Queensland.”