Derryn Hinch forms his own political party

VETERAN shock-jock Derryn Hinch has formed his own political party and is expected to run for the Senate in Victoria.

Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party will stand candidates in all states and territories in the federal election in 2016.

Mr Hinch will also put himself forward as a candidate for the Victorian Senate.


Mr Hinch, also known as ‘The Human Headline’ has been convicted three times and jailed twice for contempt of court and breaching suppression orders.

He has a long history of fighting to unmask the identities of sexual predators.

“Why I’m considering it is because we got such a great reaction to the jail to justice walk,” Mr Hinch said.

“The timing is right. Australians are fed up with the quality, or lack of quality, in our judicial system,” he added.

After he was released from jail in 2014 he walked 180 kilometres from prison to Victorian Parliament to deliver a petition of 130,000 signatures demanding a national public register of convicted paedophiles.

In 2011 he served five months home detention for naming two child sex offenders at a public rally in 2008.

In 1987 he spent 12 months in jail for outing a paedophile priest.

If elected, Mr Hinch, 71, could name sex offenders thanks to the high level of parliamentary privilege senators enjoy.