Derryn Hinch uses parliamentary privilege to ‘name names’

Controversial broadcaster turned politician Derryn Hinch has honoured a promise to ‘name names’ in Federal Parliament.

In the Senate on Monday Hinch gave his maiden speech, using  parliamentary privilege to identify up to five men he claims are paedophiles.

The Victorian Senator stressed though that he “will not be a cowboy – but if it is necessary to protect the child’s wellbeing, then damned right I will name the human vermin”.


Hinch went on to say he would continue to use the protection to name names because he believed “the public have a right to know, parents trying to protect their vulnerable kids have a right to know,” who was living next door to them.

The 72-year-old was placed under house arrest in 2011 after he named sex offenders and was jailed in 2014 for contempt of court for publishing the criminal record of Melbourne woman Jill Meagher’s killer Adrian Bayley.

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