Desal plant could run at full capacity next week due to falling dam levels

Residents across south east Queensland are being urged to keep an eye on water usage, as dam levels continue dropping across the region.

After a lousy rail season at the start of the year, followed by an extremely dry winter, Newscorp reports collective dam levels will soon dip below 60 percent.

Though on the Gold Coast, Hinze Dam is still sitting at 87 percent.


Across the south east as a whole, dam levels are currently sitting at 60.3 percent, but once it drops past 60 percent the Gold Coast’s desalination plant will be kicked into full gear.

It could happen as soon as next week.

It’s still not enough to enforce mandatory water restrictions, Seqwater experts told Newscorp, with levels needing to plummet past 50 percent for that to happen.

However, if the region endures another shocking wet season, we could reach those levels as early as mid next year.

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