Desperate appeal after kitten thrown from Qld car window

The RSPCA is appealing for help from the public after a kitten was allegedly hurled from the window of a car in Wakerley yesterday.

It’s understood a woman was driving behind a white SUV on Green Camp Road, near the intersection of Rickert Road, when she saw the animal allegedly being thrown from the moving car.

“She saw what she described as ‘a big ball of fluff’ fly out the back left window of the car,” RSPCA Qld said.


“She nearly ran it over but the car kept driving.”

The horrified motorist pulled over and rushed the kitten to Manly West veterinary surgery, where it is thankfully recovering.

A report has since been lodged with RSPCA Qld, who is now investigating the shocking incident.

They’re appealing for anyone with information to come forward by calling 1300 ANIMAL.

“This action is totally unacceptable,” RSPCA Qld spokesperson Michael Beatty said.

“If the lady had not stopped it is likely the kitten would have suffered a serious injury or potentially died.”

The kitten has been described as a ginger and white domestic short hair.