Desperate calls for Gold Coast theme park funding

The State Government is today calling on the Prime Minister to throw his support behind our struggling Gold Coast theme parks.

It comes as Scott Morrison is on the Gold Coast to announce a massive $400 million incentive deal to boost the country’s film industry.

Local MP and Assistant Tourism Minister Meaghan Scanlon has told myGC that while further support for the screen industry is great news for the city, our local theme parks have once again been left in the lurch.


“There are a lot of jobs in our themeparks, around 4000, and unfortunately what happened recently is that contracts were drawn up, terms were agreed to and overnight the federal government changed their mind when it came to financial support for these theme parks,” Ms Scanlon said.

Last month, the Federal Government withdrew its theme park support plan and the millions of dollars it promised to help them restart following the coronavirus pandemic.

Ms Scanlon said the shock withdrawal was a huge blow to an industry already suffering so severely.

“What we have is our theme parks who are under quite a lot of stress at the moment, they have had to shut down for quite a considerable amount of time, they’re not able to go back to full operations and we still don’t have international borders open and they desperately need support,” she said.

“So we’re calling on the Prime Minister while he’s on the Gold Coast today to consider providing that much needed support for an industry that employs so many locals here.”

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The state labor government could help the theme parks . Sack the 50,000 public servants they hired and give the money to the theme parks

Theme park is a very important part for Australia tourism during international travel banned period

These team parks have doubled they entrance price over the few past year to cash up on tourist while locals were left aside. I think they should ask chinese to help them restart since they are the ones who can afford the entrance.

I dont understand why any tax money should be given to this huge corporations behind theme parks