WATCH: “Selfish” Victorians slapped with massive fines for trying to sneak into QLD

A bus load of Victorians has been slapped with massive fines and turned around, after trying to sneak into Queensland over the weekend.

A group of six tried to park their minibus on Stuart St at Coolangatta near the border and walk into the state, but police spotted the group and went to check their declarations.

They also checked the group’s phones, where they discovered they had all been into the hot spot Victoria within the past two weeks.


They were each issued $4,004 fines, totalling a whopping $24,000, and turned back around.

One of the passengers spoke to Channel 7, admitting the group were desperate to get into the sunshine state.

“We’re really desperate at the moment – there’s nothing down there.

“We went into Queensland for better opportunity, it obviously wasn’t a great decision and we’re paying the price for it,” he told a reporter at the border.

It’s understood the group will remain in New South Wales for another few days before trying to get into the state again.

State Disaster Coordinator Steve Gollschewski has condemned the group’s behaviour on The Today Show this morning.

“They’re selfish. They think they can gain the system and get around it by sneaking across or filling a false declaration. That will cost them a lot of money.

“The worst thing is that they’re putting others at risk. How do they know whether they have caught it or not? The issue for us is, of course, keeping COVID out of Queensland. 

“This is what this is about. We want people to do the right thing,” Mr Gollschewski said.

WATCH: Six Victorians fined at Queensland border

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Yep the fines will stop the spread of those already here!
Lockdown restrictions happening soon.

They should leave NSW too. Go home, sorry but so unfair to us here

They should not be called Desperate Victorians. Lets call it as it is. Self entitled morons who don’t give a damn about the welfare of others and who think they are above the law. Not only did they risk infecting others and causing possible deaths if any of them were carrying the virus (having been in a hotspot within the last 2 weeks), Think of the effect on Queensland businesses if we have to go into lockdown again due to these type of people. Don’t fine them. Give them a prison sentence.

Aren’t they supposed to self isolate if in NSW…. Why just turned back into NSW to spread CV19 in Northern NSW not to mention their trail north

Our main job is to not kill someone!
The human race is doomed!

Why should they be allowed up here, we being locals still can’t get our jobs back which we had prior to covid

I live at Tweed Heads, so all these selfish morons are lingering here, and possibly spreading the virus in our community. They should have been sent into detained quarantine in NSW if they are from a Victorian hotspot. I’m all for moving Qld border south to the Tweed River. A geographic border makes more sense than a street with a sign down the middle.

Not ONE of you are awake to this yet!!

They should have all been thrown into jail. Bloody idiots.