Destination Gold Coast calls for rate payer funds to recover tourism industry

Gold Coast Tourism boss will head to Council today, to ask for a funding boost to help the industry recover from coronavirus.

It comes as Queensland looks to ease various restrictions this weekend, including the reopening of restaurants and cafes.

Destination Gold Coast will today call for a one-off $7.3 million COVID-19 package, to assist the sector revive itself over the coming months.


The Gold Coast is already tipped to lose between 8 and 10 million tourists this year as a result of the virus, which could cost the economy in excess of $4 billion.

The funding will  hopefully help us target the domestic market, and eventually New Zealand, once travelling restrictions are eased.

Moncrief MP Angie Bell told 1029 Hot Tomato’s Galey, Emily Jade and Christo that the ‘bucket’s not full yet’ in terms of financial assistance.

“They’ll (Destination Gold Coast) go in there later this morning I believe, and talk about the Mayor’s budget position, and they’ll ask the city for more money to help tell everybody – the rest of Australia – how great we are here on the Gold Coast,” Ms Bell said.

Ms Bell says that even on a federal level, she’ll continue lobbying for as much assistance as possible.

“I’ll keep pushing for whatever I can, wherever I can.

“Our bucket’s not full yet, so I’ll be there and I’ll be pushing absolutely for as much as we can get on the Gold Coast,” Ms Bell said.

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Can not agree with rate payers contributing funds as suggested by Destination Gold Coast, it appears rate payers would be encouraging and subsidising others to travel to the Gold Coast to have a holiday

The Queensland State and Gold Coast destination is well known by at least 80% of Australians, a good portion of the NZ population either live here or have travel from NZ to holiday on the Gold Coast, there would travel statistics for support this.

Majority of rate payers on the Gold Coast who earn an average wage or are on pensions or Government assistance are in many cases fighting to keep up with the cost of living, why burden them with more costs, putting food on the table and paying electricity bills etc are major challenges for some.

Opening up Business’ s with realistic plans, balanced patron numbers on the Gold Coast and getting people back to work is a better strategy.

I have empathy for those struggling businesses, but most Australian have financially been effected in some way, e.g the stock market, recent losses have been substantial of recent, yes the market will eventually recover with losses effecting what could have been, just like the Gold Coast business sector it too will slowly recover.

This isn’t a rate payers problem. Some people derive no benefit whatsoever from tourism. Yhe Govertment who gets all the tax from people visiting the Gold Coast should pay.