Destination Gold Coast CEO Annaliese Battista calls it quits

Gold Coast tourism boss Annaliese Battista has resigned after just two years in the top job.

Destination Gold Coast Chairman Paul Donovan confirmed the shock news in a statement to myGC on Tuesday afternoon.

“Destination Gold Coast advises that the Board has accepted the resignation of Ms Annaliese Battista, its Chief Executive Officer,” Mr Donovan said.


It’s understood Ms Battista told board members of her decision on Tuesday morning, with her resignation taking place effective immediately.

Annaliese Battista commenced her role as Chief Executive Officer at Destination Gold Coast in August 2018, after being head-hunted from Perth.

At the time, she admitted that it was an easy decision to move across the country to the beautiful Gold Coast.

“I had no trouble in convincing my husband, who works in marketing internationally, to relocate to the Gold Coast,” Ms Battista said in a statement in 2018.

“I see the Gold Coast has the best Australia can offer for local, Australian and International visitors. Through the activation of the city we can optimise the contribution of visitors to the economic, social and cultural return on investment.”

Chairman Paul Donovan has praised the work of the city’s much-respected tourism boss over the years and says he wishes her nothing but the best.

“Destination Gold Coast would like to acknowledge Annaliese’s outstanding contribution to the Gold Coast tourism sector and her service for the past two years,” Mr Donovan said.

“The Board wishes Ms Battista well in her future endeavours.”

He said the focus now remains on lifting the struggling Gold Coast tourism industry, which has copped a $6 billion hit as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

“Destination Gold Coast is firmly committed to our relentless pursuit to lead the Gold Coast tourism sector through the COVID-19 crisis and its recovery,” Mr Donovan said.

The city’s peak tourism body will now launch a national search to recruit a replacement for Ms Battista.

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But why? Surely Annaliese gave a reason to the board?

I would like to know to Warren?
Maybe differences of opinion from the premier and CHO on ruining the local tourism industry yet again on no clear scientific merit of fact. Just that the premier would like to get re-elected come October and is willing to throw the tourism sector which was the second largest sector (By revenue) in the state and the number 1 employer to the wolves!!

Could she be taking up a new position as CEO of Visit Sunshine Coast?

I wouldn’t want the position either in this s***show with the way the border is being used for political gain.I wish our Prime Minister had more to say. It all makes no sense. Would never have thought our country would become so divided.They didn’t teach us about this possible s***show in the 3rd grade in the 70’s while we were learning about Australia and tracing around our little plastic Australia stencils with all the dotted states and territories in our workbooks. I don’t know if it’s worth a mention but my Aunty mentioned to me that hospital wards were overcrowded with polio in her day… I don’t know much about that forgotten time in Australia but I’ll leave it at that.