Destination Gold Coast launches massive tourism campaign to lure Kiwis

Gold Coast’s tourism body is on the hunt for kiwi holiday-makers, wasting no time getting a massive marketing campaign into action over the ditch.

The trans-Tasman travel bubble finally begins today, allowing Aussies and Kiwis to travel freely over the ditch without having to quarantine.

It’s great news for the struggling tourism industry on the Gold Coast, with Kiwis one of our biggest markets.


In 2019, over 210,000 kiwi visitors made the trip here, injecting a whopping $241 million into the city’s economy.

Destination Gold Coast is hoping to get back to those numbers as soon as possible, launching a $1.3 million ad campaign to start in New Zealand this week.

It’ll run over a period of 12 weeks, in the hopes of getting kiwis pumped for a winter break on our sunny beaches.

It’s the most money the tourism body has ever spent on a kiwi campaign.

“We know New Zealanders can’t wait to come back to the Gold Coast and they will be welcomed with open arms by our 4,600 tourism businesses,” Destination Gold Coast CEO Patricia O’Callaghan said.

“Our $1.3 million marketing push is the Gold Coast’s largest-ever spend in New Zealand, so the proportion of investment reflects the importance of re-engaging with this key visitor market.

“New Zealand was our second-largest international visitor market source pre-COVID and this is a significant milestone for Gold Coast tourism operators being the first international market to come back online in more than a year.

“Quarantine-free flights kick-off this week and with the inclusion of the new Qantas Gold Coast-Auckland service supplying an additional 63,000 inbound seat, we have three carriers flying into the Gold Coast and expect capacity to rebuild quickly.

Ms O’Callaghan also expects there to be a lot of long-awaited family reunions, with the Gold Coast home to a lot of New Zealanders.

“One per cent of all Kiwis live on the Gold Coast and we know an annual holiday to our region is a tradition for thousands of Kiwi families who will now be able to flee winter for a sun-soaked holiday,” Ms O’Callaghan said.

“The marketing approach reinforces the Gold Coast as top-of-mind for families abroad and our visiting friends and relatives’ market.

“The campaign will highlight the Gold Coast’s top-rated travel activities and a breadth of lesser-known experiences in addition to our golden beaches, rainforest hinterland, iconic theme parks, alfresco dining and calendar of events,” she said.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has echoed her sentiments, excited to welcome back our neighbours.

“To our Kiwi cousins, I say come and play on the Gold Coast,” he said.

“To see international flights arriving and departing gives us all great confidence that this is not the first travel bubble to expand out of the coast.

“Let’s roll out the welcome mat … just don’t mention the rugby as we still can’t pinch that trophy off them.”

Last week, Destination Gold Coast released a social media video, ‘New Zealand: We’re On!’ in which Gold Coast Kiwis urged their “Cuzzies” to pack their bags and “get over here”.


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$1.3 million, that isn’t really very much, either media in NZ is REALLY cheap or it’s a dismal amount to spend to get things back to normal.
Up it to 10 million and see how that goes.

Is the Gold Coast so culturally void that we have to steal the hand symbol the whole world knows to be uniquely Hawaiian? We couldn’t think of anything actually Australian, or at least not blatantly from another country?