Detectives make fourth arrest in money laundering investigation

A GOLD Coast man has been arrested on money laundering charges following an ongoing investigation into a fraudulent online investment scheme with links to bikies.

A 30-year-old man presented himself to detectives from the Criminal Economy Unit who subsequently arrested him for his alleged involvement in the scheme which is alleged to have netted in excess of $1 million dollars.

The latest arrest brings the total for this investigation to four. Police are expected to make further arrests as the investigation continues.


The men are alleged to have helped clone the website of a real investment company in Western Australia, M6 Treasury, and operate a fake call centre encouraging people to invest their superannuation savings in their fraudulent company.

It’s understood legitimate call centre workers were oblivious to the fact their employer was a sham.

Police say they are yet to interview a 33-year old man, also from the Gold Coast, who was believed to be linked to the Bandidos Criminal Motorcycle Gang.

Although suspected of being a member at the time of these offences he has subsequently claimed to have handed his colours back in December 2013.

The M6 Security Group investigation relates to a fraudulent online investment scheme in which the perpetrators of the scheme leveraged off a legitimate investment company by cloning its website, taking over the persona of its directors and encouraging investors to participate in an array of investment options, all of which were being manipulated to represent a profit.

“It will be alleged the 30-year-old man was instrumental in engaging the services of the two alleged Criminal Motorcycle Gang participants into this scheme,” Detective Inspector Phillip Stevens of Taskforce Maxima said.

“The arrest of the man is by no means the end of these investigations; it merely forms part of a great investigative strategy.

“These types of frauds have a serious impact on the general community with victims investing large sums of money only to lose the vast majority of it.

“These actions clearly reflect the QPS commitment to disrupting and dismantling the criminal activities of these gangs, with the goal of driving them from Queensland,” Detective Inspector Stevens said.